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Ask the Insurance Expert

Buy Insurance Online or Use an Agent?

Shopping online can be a fun adventure.  It is certainly exciting to receive surprising new packages and offers in the mail.  But would you want your insurance coverage to be a surprise?  Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself before deciding to buy insurance online:

∑        Am I confident enough to know exactly what coverages I need?

∑        Do I know every question I should be asking?

∑        Is the online insurance company legitimate?

∑        Will my personal information be secure?

∑        Will I really save time and money?

When choosing an insurance policy it is important to be confident in knowing what exact coverages you need.  Since insurance varies widely from state to state, a knowledgeable resource that knows your individual needs is a necessity.  For example, if you need to file a claim you want to be confident that your insurance coverage will protect you.   If you donít know what questions to ask at the start of the policy, and you choose an online company that does not personally involve themselves with your insurance needs, you could be left without coverage.   Additionally, if an online company is not able to dedicate adequate time to know your individual needs, they may not ask you the right questions to ensure proper coverage.

Purchasing insurance online could put your personal security at risk.  Online insurance companies require long forms that ask for personal information about you and your family including social security numbers and personal property information.  This information is sent over the Internet where it could be at risk of falling into the wrong hands if the online company does not take adequate measures of security.  In addition, how will you know that the insurance company you are choosing is legitimate?  Although one must be licensed to sell insurance, there is no special license required to publish a website that is designed to sell insurance online.

After researching insurance information such as your state insurance regulations, questions you will need to ask, coverages, security and legitimacy of an online company, you certainly will not be saving much time.  And, shopping online does not necessarily mean that you will save money.  It is convenient for the insurance company since they will not have to take individual time to get to know you, but they will still need to provide you adequate coverage for the dollar amount of protection you will need.

Insurance is not designed to be a surprise.   If you decide to shop online for insurance coverage there is a possibility that you may be surprised at what you really get.  Choosing a professional insurance agent to prepare a personal insurance policy for you is a wiser choice.  When you choose to use an independent insurance agent you receive a great deal of expertise, knowledge, and the confidence of a personal assistant.  An independent insurance agent knows that insurance polices are not one-size-fits-all and will make sure you get the protection that is designed for your individual needs.



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